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We grow, store and control quality of our grain corps

We grow, store and control quality of our grain corps

Limited Liability Company «ONIKS» proposes to consider a partnership

Our group of companies is located in the Siberian region of Russia, since 1998 we have been engaged in agriculture, growing, storing, producing sub-work on the quality of all agricultural crops. We own specialized warehouses-elevators, from which we ship to rail and road transport. We work throughout Russia and Kazakhstan, in addition to our own production of grain, we are actively involved in financing producers for the production of grain crops. That gives us the opportunity to significantly increase Volumes of grain and oilseeds.
The turnover of our company is about 20,000 tons per year. Own elevators allow us to consolidate large volumes of grain and oilseeds, to provide quality assurance to the required individual conditions required by our customers, to store grain and oilseeds. We also have partners in different regions of Russia and the Baltic States to send consignments of products by rail and then reload them to sea transport. Also we have the possibility of shipment and delivery of products packed in big bags of 1 ton and 50 kg bags by road, comes to us a large amount of products from Europe by car, we can load back to grains and oilseeds, with delivery directly to the end The consumer.


All products comply with GOST









Подсолнечник масличный

ГОСТ 22391-89


Р 53900-2010

Qualitative indicators are agreed individually at the request of end-users, in our warehouses-elevators, we can bring the quality up to the required of conditions by damaged wheat grains, extraneous matters and moisture to the required end user.

The cost of each batch of grain or oilseeds is discussed separately and depends on the exchange quotations, the exchange rate of the local currency (rubles) to the dollar / euro, the type of transport delivery and packaging.

Usually we receive weekly quotations from our customers for purchase prices for grains and oilseeds on the desired basis of FOB or CPT, CIF and calculate each lot in different ways of sending and packing, if we are unable to supply our own products due to non-conformity of prices or availability, We have the opportunity to supply products of our direct manufacturing partners through our own elevators, providing them with services for the shipment and clearance of customs and quality documents for their contract. Thus, we are very flexible partners in terms of price and quality indicators. Cooperating with us, you will have a reliable, long-term partner in Russia. We hope you will be interested in our proposal and we will be able to discuss in more detail all the conditions when we have a personal meeting here in Russia or we can come for negotiations to you.


Legal address

630108, Novosibirsk Region, Novosibirsk, ul. Station house 30A, object 611.

Actual address

630007, Novosibirsk, ul. The October highway, 4, а / я 1209.

Director: Dmitry Pavlovich Trofimov

(383) 344-92-42, 344-92-41.


You can send us a message directly from the website

LLC «Onyx». Novosibirsk Region, Novosibirsk, ul. Station house 30A, object 611

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